The Jack Russell Terrier

Find me a Doberman, I’ll cut him to size —
And tear him to pieces, in front of your eyes!

I’m cocksure and bossy, the King of the patch,
Bring on your Alsatian, it can’t be a match!

I’m a dirty street fighter, my language is foul,
I’ll fight to the death, never throw in the towel.

Don’t step near my missus, don’t push me too far,
Get right off my pavement, take your hands off my car.

And when she’s alone, I sit on her knee,
She knows she’s quite safe, relying on me.

Don’t walk by my lorry, when I’m at a show,
When I’m guarding my ponies, I’m lethal you know.

I’ll follow a fox, to the depths of his lair,
But I like creature comforts, get out of my chair!

I’ll not walk at heel, or sit when I’m told,
But I’m loving, protective, brave, loyal and bold.

My life is full of the moment, importance and bustle,
I know I’m the greatest — I’m called a Jack Russell.

Diana Langford, JRTC of GB
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